True Story...


Michael has played a wide variety of roles on stage and in front of the camera. Leading roles and supporting roles, ranging from independend theatre productions and short films to international A-list motion pictures.

In recent years he has mainly worked for film, television, and major national German commercials.


Outside the field of acting, Michael has a well established background as a visual effects artist, and as a professional director for industrial films, music videos, and short films.

Whenever time allows, he loves to support interesting projects with one or more of his talents and skills or even write or co-write plays and screenplays.

Close to his heart are the librettos to three children's musicals he co-wrote with fellow author Swaantje Düsenberg.


When not actively pursuing his craft, Michael can sporadically be found lecturing on visual effects and film (e.g. NLM, Media Campus,...) or work on very exciting intercultural projects (e.g. with the the University of Xi'an and Huaqiao FLI in Changchun, China, and the Robert Bosch Foundation.)


He is always looking for something new and challenging.

Who is he?


Michael was born in a very small jungle village near the Argentinian-Brazilian border.

Kidnapped as an infant, he was brought to Switzerland where his skin was bleached and his hair color changed permanently.

Following these procedures he was sold to a travelling circus in Germany, and spent his subsequent childhood days performingfor the masses in a monkey suit, before being promoted to clown status in his late teens.


After tragically loosing his red nose in 2007 he began to concentrate on acting.


Well, good luck with that...